Wilo Pump

Today the pump industry in Turkey and in the world directs our tech- story in 1872 that 143 years ago, Louis Opländer bronze and copper pieces began working in the workshop. Wilo in all areas required for the transportation of water, heating and cooling technology milestone with the invention formed and grew by patents, has created a new industry. The most important of these innovations, Opländer today’s world, the most important method of warming the heart of the heating system with hot water “circulation pump” was not invented. Wilhelm’s son Louis Opländer Opländ is developed for business that his father started, was introduced to the world with the circulation pump Wilo brand. “Wilo” brand name was derived from the given name and surname of Wilhelm Opländer. and Opländ after the children, creating inventions and innovations in the sector transformation was implemented. group is developing a succession of new technologies, heating, cooling, air conditioning, water supply, wastewater treatment and pumps and pumping systems used in the release was one of the leading manufacturers today. Wilo has developed the world’s first electronic pump. Founded as a family company; professional management with ongoing growth Wilo SE, today built their own sales companies in 70 countries, with annual revenues of over 1.2 billion Euros with over 7,200 employees.

The complementary nature of our tech- plumbing equipment, industrial processes all over the world for the construction, agriculture and clean the dirty water transfer from the general-purpose, used in a wide range of infrastructure investments to the treatment plant. Wilo, R & D work to maximize the level of energy savings pays great attention to the product. The group devotes 3.5 percent of its annual turnover to R & D. our tech- energy-efficient pumps with savings of up to 90 percent of energy compared to conventional pump can be provided.

Clean water and wastewater treatment in working with municipal transfers Wilo, stands out as a leading manufacturer in the construction sector. 75% of shopping centers in Turkey using Wilo pumps.

Wilo name is a symbol of the traditional first-class German engineering throughout the world. Our pumps and pump systems, our heating, ventilation, cooling, water supply and wastewater treatment systems, building technology, infrastructure applications, are used in industry and of course your home.

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