Prismatic Modular Water Tank, Stainless , Galvanized

Prismatic Modular Water Tank, Stainless , Galvanized

By using stainless steel and galvanized material, it is healthy, hygienic and anticorrosive water depot that has produced in types of modular parts.

  • Capacity : 1,25 – 500 m3
  • Product Code : EKO-P1.250 —– EKO-P500.000
  • Product Type : Prismatic Stainless Moduler Water Tanks

Water Tank

1. Water Supply Network Inlet 2. Sediment Filter

3. upon the desire; a) Normal valve + water-gauge

b) Solenoidvalve (motor valve) high level electrode by remote control 4. High level electrode:when the warehouse is filled, it commands engine valve and close the valve.

5. Depot Upper Mendole Cover

6. Low Level Electrode :When the water is consumed, it stops hydrophore engine automatically. (never operates when it is empty).

7. Depot water level indicator

8. Outflow pipe

9. Ladder 10. Depot modules have connected each other by nut and bolt.

11. Rubber seal among modular with special silicone 12. Warehouse sub cover sealed and bolted

13. Depot Delivery Valve 14. Depot installation valve 15. U.V. Ultravioletdisinfection device 16. Water Softening Outlet. It purifies limes from galleons such as Ca and Mg.  17. Activecarbon unit:it purifies from harmful gasses such as chlorine etc. within the water.

18. Hydrophoremotor

19. Under depot concrete and steel ground.

Water tank

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