Fuel Meter, Diesel


Diesel, Diesel Fuel counter

Armadillo Series Cabinet Units

fuel meter, fuel meter

fuel meter



The supply of fuel to vehicles on construction sites,

In the farm in agricultural machinery refueling,

in mobile maintenance and lubrication set

In aerial tankers for refueling applications,

The boats and harbor in diesel transfer jobs, factories, ports, agriculture in the garage,

the bio diesel plant


The pump is placed in a locked steel cabinet and sturdy.

The pump, meter, hose gun is composed of ten off button and junction boxes.

Less space, are easy to install and use.

It is protected from the outside weather conditions and malicious intervention.

Is available for public areas provide extra protection.

It designed for optimal ease of use.

affected by outdoor weather conditions and does not require any protection.

Spare parts and service are available.



crawler type pumps used in the unit, the pumps are suitable for continuous use. In the by-pass pump inlet filter and protective gear it is available. The pumps are suitable only for the use of diesel and bio diesel.

Mechanical indicator measurement error margin is 1% of the meters are suitable for non-commercial use. The unit is, in accordance with the capacity of the tank automatically cuts the flow of automatic pistols are used when full.

special on-off button on the unit and power junction box are available.

Protective and stylish-looking cabin is custom painted and equipped with locking mechanism against unauthorized use.


MODEL-60 Armadillo Armadillo-80
Power Supply 220 V 220 V
Engine Power 370 Watts 550 Watts
Connection Size 1 “1”
Yield 55 l / min 75 l / min
Suction from 2.5 m to 3 m
Discharge from 3.5 m 4 m
Capacity Meter / resettable


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