Exothermic Cutting Set

TYT EEKE Industrial Type Exothermic Cutting Set is a portable and powerful cutting device. This versatile set is perfect for repairing heavy equipment and for cutting thick metals rapidly. Apart from cutting aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and many other metals, it is an ideal tool for cutting or pinching the deformed bolts, rivet pins.

TYT EEKE Industrial Type Exothermic Cutting Set offered to our customers comprises of an oxygen tube of 5 litres, oxygen hose of 5 mt. length (diameter of 8 mm), power cord, industrial cutting torch, welding safety glasses, welding gloves and five cutting electrode samples (of 5-8-10 mm diameter, 50 cm length) and ferrules.

Yer işareti koy Kalıcı Bağlantı.

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