Air Source Heat Pump ( Split)

From Turkey manufacturer…

It is designed for falling outdoor temperature of -20 ° C.

There is no element to lose heat in the outdoor unit. It works only as an energy source.
EVI technology and heat provides additional savings of 30% compared with other heat pump recycle heat exchanger.
type hot water with temperatures plus feature fully prepare for FREE.
Heating, cooling and hot water makes them all or just prompts.
75% of the heat required for this is the FREE air.
It works ideal with floor and wall heating systems. Radiator provides 65 ° C flow temperature for the system installation. large selection of radiators increases productivity.
cooling pipes with wall and floor, it makes active cooling with fan coil.
Compact structure with (insert plug you work) does not require additional accessories.
It is suitable for all living spaces.
Remote on / off, temperature settings can be made.

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