Our company has an important position in the heating sector with its continuous experience since 1990, with being established as Semtes engineering interior and exterior tic.san.ltd in late 2015.

Steam boiler , hot water boilers, Condensing boiler , hot water storage tank , Flake type chain grate boiler , Moving Grate Boiler, Heat pump, coal-fired boiler, heating system, fuel tank, an economizer , heat exchangers, burners, etc heating devices, one of the most important products in our portfolio.

Pumps , valves, automation systems, such as stainless steel chimney products are also in our product portfolio.

In edition to our company distributor underwater welding and exothermic cutting electrodes for industrial divers in international standards, as well as portable exothermic cutting sets which will make cutting, drilling and repair works in the fastest way.

The best brands and best quality products, we carefully select our experience and are best for our customers.

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