Caldomax is the product brand of Semtes and produces boilers, accumulation tanks and steam boilers. Boiler-accumulation tanks are enamelled and insulated.

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In our product range, there are Floor Type and Wall type condensing boilers; Forced Burner Cast Sectional boilers operating with Natural Gas and Liquid Fuel; Cast Sectional Boilers operating with Solid Fuel; Steel Boilers operating with Solid Fuel; Cast Sectional Atmospheric Boilers operating with Natural Gas and LPG;

Riello Burner

RIELLO ; With 90 years of experience burner is the most widely used brand in the world. Besides the quality of the products produced by high performance, it has gathered the high appreciation of customers with environmentally friendly technologies and exceptional line.

Siemens Automation Control Equipments

Siemens HVAC product portfolio both installation and operating costs with a complete HVAC system . Siemens HVAC products for every application and every technical application ..
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